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How It Works

1.  Every item for sale on is referred to as a 'Challenge Listing' (CL).
2.  For every CL there are a pre-set amount of spots available for purchase. The amount of pre-set spots on a specific CL will always be different depending on what CL you are looking at. There are no limits on the amount of spots you can purchase in a CL.
2.  For every CL one very happy & lucky spot holder will be chosen via a random number generator algorithm to receive the advertised Main Prize, at no additional charge.
3.  Don't worry! If you are not the lucky Main Prize winner every single spot will still receive a consolation prize. Yes that's right! Everyone receives either the main prize and/or the advertised consolation prize/s!
4.  The CL will end either after the advertised time ends or after all spots sell out, whichever happens first! Each and every paid spot will receive an email confirmation & status updates at every stage of the CL.
5.  At the conclusion of every Challenge Listing, each and every spot will receive an email containing a link to a private livestream where the random number generator will pick the Main Challenge Prize Winner.  Don't worry, if you miss the live-stream you will still be able to watch and re-watch the random number generator video via the provided link for each Challenge Listing.
6.  Each and every paid spot, including the Main Prize winner will also receive the consolation prize/s.
7.  Example: If you take 6 spots, you will receive at least the 6 consolation prizes. If you take 2 spots, and win the Main Prize you will receive the Main Prize and also 2 consolation prizes.
8. At the conclusion of the random number generator pick, all customers will receive an email with the random number generator results and tracking information for the delivery of your item/s. 
Additional Terms:
-If the end date and time is reached and not all of the CL spots have sold; then the Challenge Listing will still draw if 60% or more of the spots have sold by the advertised end date. If less than 60% of the spots have sold then you will be given the choice to instantly receive a refund in full (item cost + shipping) or full Emazd store credit, no questions asked.